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4 Common Causes of Roof Leaks

4 Common Causes of Roof Leaks

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A leaky roof creates a lot of problems for your home! Besides promoting mold and mildew growth, it can completely destroy your attic insulation and roof deck before you can blink! There are many factors that can contribute to and cause roof leaks, many of which require the aid of a licensed Indianapolis roofing contractor. Here are some of the most common causes for roof leaks:

  1. Loose, cracked or decaying shingles: You may see symptoms of wear, such as splitting or decaying, at the 20-to-30 year mark. In some cases, the shingles can come loose and even fall to the ground, creating a liability and a safety hazard! The underlay can easily be exposed by a damaged outer layer; without repair, continued exposure to wind and sun will strip the layers away and inevitably allow leaks to form. It is imperative to have your roof tested if yours is in such a state. Your roof will simply require maintenance, which would certainly cost less, and will extend the life of your roof for years if performed correctly.
  2. Roofing Nails Backing Out: Roofing nails can back out from roofing shingles over time. This leaves small holes that can easily be penetrated by water , especially when it is near the edge of the roof. Typically, these tiny gaps are imperceptible to the untrained eye, but not when experienced roofers check the roof! Routine maintenanace now can save you a bundle on expensive repairs or replacement.
  3. Damaged or Dislodged Flashing: Flashing is a piece of metal that covers valleys, such as walls and dormers, and every location where the roof reaches a vertical surface. This could leave the breaks in the roof vulnerable if the flashing is broken or dislodged by intense storms, making it easier for rainwater to get in. Timely fixes can help to reduce leakage caused by problems with flashing.
  4. Cracked Rubber Boots: Plumbing vents and anything protrudes from the roof need a “strap” of rubber. This helps to shield the part of the roof it attaches to. Eventually, continued exposure to outside temperatures will break the rubber boot, which means it has to be replaced. Regular inspection and prompt repairs will help to identify these issues and avoid leakage from the roof.

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