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Things to expect during a Roofing Inspection

Things to expect during a Roofing Inspection

Roofing Inspection Indianapolis - Richmond Exteriors

One of the most effective and proactive maintenance activities that you can engage in is yearly roof inspections for your Indianapolis home. A roof inspection will help keep your roof in good condition and shield you from expensive roofing issues and maintenance down the road. Nonetheless, at Richmond Exteriors we advise against carrying out your own inspections, because most homeowners do not have the appropriate experience to perform them safely. We recommend that you turn to a reliable and trustworthy Indianapolis roofer like Richmond Exteriors for critical projects like this. Here’s what you can get from our expert roofing service:

Exterior Roof Inspections

Our qualified staff of roofing pros will go up to the roof and search for wear and tear signs, and to assess the roofing system’s general health. This includes looking for any holes, shingles broken or absent, and loose shingle granules. We can also assess whether the dormers, valleys and sidewalls of your roof are functioning properly. These areas on your roof are usually the most vulnerable to leakage, so ensuring they are in excellent condition is crucial.

Interior Roofing Inspections

Your roof’s issues will absolutely lead to long term effects on the interior of your home, and vice-versa. Following an in-depth inspection of the outside, your Richmond Exterior roof inspection expert will go up to your attic and test if the insulation and ventilation are functioning properly.  Both insulation and ventilation play vital roles in the safety and durability of your house. While in your attic we will also test for symptoms of humidity and mold. When we notice any signs of improper insulation and ventilation, we will promptly provide you with the appropriate roof repair service.

Roofing Solutions

Once we have a clear idea of the overall state of the roofing system and your home, we will begin drafting a plan of action to fix all that needs to be addressed. Along with our proposed roofing approaches, we will also have a comprehensive assessment that will be a line item detailed estimate. We will discuss the results extensively with you and ensure you understand the issues with your roof and what needs to be done to repair them.

You can rely on Richmond Exteriors as the leading local Indianapolis roofing contractor to provide superior support. For a stunning, long-lasting roof we will sell you high-quality roofing materials and professional workmanship. Call us at 317-784-1214 and book an appointment today. In IN we represent diverse neighborhoods, including Indianapolis and Zionsville.