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How to prepare your Indianapolis Roof for Winter

How to prepare your Indianapolis Roof for Winter

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Get your home and your roof primed for the cold in no time with these readiness tips from your friends at Richmond Guttering! We have everything covered, from your roofing shingles to the winter garden. The autumn appearance is characterized by reds, yellows, browns, ghosts and especially goblins! It is necessary to brace for the pressure the colder weather will bring on your home as we head into the winter months. These posts will help sharpen your talents, from your snowblower skills to your roofing shingles, and cover all the major inspection hot-points!

Getting up-close and personal with your roof

Your roof could be your first line of protection against the harsh winter weather. Think of your roof as the canopy which covers your home from the top down. Richmond Exteriors Roofing, the go-to Indianapolis roofing company, has put together a one-stop guide to help you handle the finer points of roof maintenance. Check out our ‘Get Your Roof Fit for Winter’ guide.

Preparing for winter from the inside-out

In the cold, it is easy to experience unpleasant surprises. Start with this helpful indoor / outdoor October Maintenance guide from our Porch.com friends to get your home’s plumbing, heating and drainage, Prepare your winter appliances and equipment for the cold!

Airflow, ducts and furnace tune-up

Perhaps the only thing worse than the snow blower breaking down is the heater going with it. Angie ‘s List offers some outstanding service options including the costs involved. Follow up on how to search and clean your air ducts with this fantastic item, so you can ensure warm air stays flowing!

Outdoor remedies and preventative maintenance for the house

When taking the fall clean to your home, be sure to clear debris from window wells and check the exterior near the foundation for cracks and gaps where snow and heavy rain can accumulate and create problems.

If you need help winterizing your Indianapolis home this winter, call the team at Richmond Exteriors. If you need roof repair or replacement, our team would be happy to help!