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Repair Vs. Replace

Repair Vs. Replace

Repair vs replace roof Richmond Exteriors

Repair vs. Replace: Finding the Right Roofing Solution

Many homeowners that find a leak in their roof assume they have to immediately get it replaced. Luckily, that is not always the case. Richmond Exteriors has years of experience, and is one of the leading roofers in the Indianapolis area. Our team will help you by illustrating how best to decide whether to repair or replace your roof.

Inspecting Your Indianapolis Roof

Use a pair of binoculars to perform a visual inspection from ground up. Center and search the lenses for every inch of the roof and try to reach every curve. Look out particularly for signs of age, such as cracking, missing shingles or curling. Pay careful attention to the hills, the vent pipe and other places that split or reach the roof. The blinking and boots are supposed to be intact, undamaged and in their proper position. Similarly, the edge of the roof should be smooth, with no evidence of wind impact.

You would also need to crawl into the attic and, if clear and not protected by foam insulation, inspect the state of the timber pieces, such as trusses and the underside of the roof deck. Water stains or signs of warping should not be visible. Look for clumps which are a sure indication of water damage to the foam or blown-in insulation. Notice your comments.

Indications you need a new roof repair

The first question is: are the problems clustered in a certain area? If so, you should consider some roofing maintenance. It may be a dent, ding or defect, and it could have been caused by a wide variety of things. Just because this is a relatively minor problem, however, doesn’t mean that it can be put off until later. Even the smallest hole can widen in a short time , causing widespread damage, along with exposing your roof to the elements.

Signs That You Need a New Roof

Asphalt roofs usually only last 20 or 30 years. Widespread damage, for example curling and broken or loose shingles, are signs that you might need a new roof. The shingles may even have bald spots where they have rubbed off the granules. If you’ve found light pinholes while in the attic, you’ll probably need to get a professional roof inspection.

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