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3 steps to make sure your roof is ready for extreme weather part 2

3 steps to make sure your roof is ready for extreme weather part 2

You have already read about the importance of working with professional roofing companies, cleaning your gutters, and trimming all your trees surrounding your roof, but there are plenty more things you should be aware of when it comes to weather control.

Roofing companies are here to help you prepare for any severe weather and keep your family safe — so take advantage of their skills, experience, and knowledge.

Here are some additional steps you should take to ensure that your home and family are safe no matter what severe weather comes your way.

Understand your roofing materials

You can discuss these materials with the roofing contractors you’re working with but it’s important that you at least know the basics. Steep-slope roofing systems, which are roofs with slope angles of at least 25% or more, have five basic components: covering, sheathing, structure, flashing, and drainage. If you are aware of these components, you’ll be able to inform the contractors you’re working with exactly what materials need roof maintenance.

Focus on attic insulation and ventilation

If your home doesn’t have enough airflow throughout the attic, you could end up having to spend a significant amount more on your energy bills as the winter weather begins. Even if your roof is protected from severe weather, once the sun shines on your roof and melts all that snow, all that hot air will condensate and cause significant moisture damage (and potentially mold) throughout your home’s structure.

Contact your insurance agent

Even if you are being extremely cautious, you should always be prepared for the worst. Weather is unpredictable and can cause damage even if you’re prepared — so be sure to contact your insurance agent and make sure you’re up-to-date on your home’s policy just in case you do need to file a claim.

If you’re still in need of professional assistance, contact roofing companies to ensure that your home is ready for any extreme weather that might be on the way. Talk to Richmond Exteriors today and keep your home and family protected this winter.