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4 steps to help prevent hail damage to your home

4 steps to help prevent hail damage to your home

Weather is one of the most unpredictable aspects of our everyday lives. Although we have regular daily forecasts, they aren’t always right or helpful. Meteorologists have gotten pretty good at predicting a temperature range for about a week, but what about major storms? It’s time for hail proof roofing.

We are not as affected by day to day changes in the temperature as we are by these major storm systems. Rain, sleet, snow, wind, and hail are just some of the regular weather conditions that any given area can experience in a particular season, and these conditions can actually be pretty damaging to your home’s exterior.

Hail can be one of the worst forms of precipitation to fall out of the sky in terms of damage. Although many of us focus our concerns on our vehicles during a hail storm, our homes are just as much at risk for hail damage. Fortunately, any reputable roofing contractor will be well versed in ways to prevent and protect your roof, siding, and windows from hail damage. For more insight, check out these four tips to protect our homes from a damaging hail storm.

Hail Proof Roofing

Having a hail proof roof is essential when protecting your home from a hail storm. Your roof is the structure that is most at risk during a hail storm, so having a durable roof can make or break your home’s overall safety. The number one factor for consumers when choosing a new roof was durability (88%), closely followed by longevity (83%), according to a consumer survey. However, you don’t have to choose between the two when choosing hail proof roofing. If your region is prone to hail storms, talk to your local roofing contractor about hail proof roofing materials.

Storm Shutters

Windows are the next structure in the line of fire during hail storms. It doesn’t take much for the windows of your home to be destroyed by hail. Storm shutters provide a hard protective shell for your windows to prevent hail pellets from cracking, chipping, or even putting huge holes in your home’s windows.

Protect Lawn Furniture

Sometimes the last thing you think about protecting during a storm is your lawn furniture, but it still needs shelter to come out on the other side damage free. Bring your outdoor furniture into the garage or basement where it will be safe from the hail.


Lastly, homeowners insurance can be a final line of defense against hail, which causes billions of damage to homes and cars each year. Having a good, comprehensive insurance policy will ensure that any damage to your home caused by a hail storm can be taken care of without breaking the bank.

If you live in an area that is susceptible to hail, or any other harsh weather conditions, think about hail proof roofing materials, getting storm shutters, and making sure you are covered with your insurance company.