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A guide to being roof ready for winter

A guide to being roof ready for winter

Did you know that your roof accounts for 40% of your home’s visual exterior? That’s a lot to look at. It’s also a lot that keeps out the elements. This much is for sure: roofs take quite a beating during the winter!

A durable roof is always a point of interest while purchasing a new one, but when roof installation is complete, too many homeowners get complacent about maintaining and preserving it.

During the winter, outdoor tasks are less likely to get done, while the intensity of the weather grows. When the temperature starts dropping and snow begins falling, here are some helpful tips for keeping your roof in shape.

Fall First

Most roofing companies will tell you that proper preparation in the fall will be your best preparation for winter. They aren’t wrong. Trees have no decency when it comes to shedding leaves and branches. They get everywhere. While cleaning them can be a nuisance, it’s more important than you think. Cleaning them off your roof and out of your gutters will ensure that they’re not a sopping underlayer once the snow falls.

Insulation Is Everything

Elementary school science taught us that heat rises. During the winter, if heat from your home is rising and escaping through the roof due to poor insulation, snow on your roof will melt faster. This excessive melt causes not only roof leaks, but ice damming in your gutters, which can lead to further interior damage. Plus, don’t you want to keep your heat inside? You’ll have a warmer house and save on those energy bills!

Go Outside And Spend Quality Time With Your Roof

Pre-season preparation only goes so far. You still have to go outside and take stock of how your roof is doing. Visible damages are the most obvious signs of needing roof maintenance. It is wintertime, so anything you do on your roof requires an extra level of safety. A roof rake is an awesome tool for rooftop snow removal without having to leave the ground. When a heavy snow falls, just pop outside and rake your roof off. The less potential snow melt on your roof the better. Your roof may be durable, but nature always wins in the end.

Winter damage is a common cause for roofing companies to be called on for springtime roof repair. Take care to keep an eye on your roof this winter. Don’t let the snow cause you stress.