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Common Spring Roofing Problems

Common Spring Roofing Problems

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Ah, Spring! The birds chirping, the bees buzzing, the preventative maintenance! With the warmer temperatures come a host of roofing issues. If not handled in a timely manner, these roof problems can lead to widespread damage to your home that can cost you a fortune in time and resources to repair! Your friends at Richmond Gutters have compiled a short list of common roofing problems to watch out for to keep your roof and home happy year-round.

  • Damaged Gutters – The local winter is particularly unkind to gutters, and they are prone to damage due to clogging or debris. In addition, during the colder months your gutters are much more likely to leak. If your gutters are damaged, talk to your home improvement professional about replacing them.
  • Animal House – Loose shingles and cracked brickwork can be ideal lodgings for small insects and animals, such as rodents or birds. The added weight can irreparably damage your roof and cause you to expend a lot to repair it. Contact your local wildlife control for exact removal procedures, and call a licensed home improvement specialist for further information.
  • Leaks – Particularly during the spring, persistent roof leaks become a top cause of home damage. Conduct a visual inspection of your roof from ground level, and contact a licensed contractor for a thorough inspection.

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