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Common winter problems you can expect with an older roof

Common winter problems you can expect with an older roof

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Up to 88% of consumers report that durability is the key determining factor in choosing a new roof, with longevity close behind. Durability is essential, especially for those who live in climates with a decent amount of snow or hail. A new roof installation may be something to consider with winter on the way.

Winter can cause a significant amount of damage to a roof that’s seen better days. Here are a few of the most common problems faced by an aging roof throughout the colder months.

  1. Strong winds – Strong winds are common even when the snow doesn’t fall. On a new, durable roof these winds aren’t likely to cause a lot of damage. However, if you’ve had your roof for a couple of decades, these winds could loosen or tear away the shingles.
  2. Leaks in your flashings – Flashings are placed around your chimney, skylights, and the edges of your roof to help keep water from entering your home. However, over time, these flashings can degrade along with your aging roof. A particularly bad storm or a buildup of snow on your roof can result in flashing leaks that may not only be detrimental to your roof, but also to your walls.
  3. Icicles – Icicles can look enchanting during the winter months. However, when it comes to your roof, they’re anything but. The weight of the icicles on your gutters and roof, especially an older roof, can result in leaks and shingle damage.
  4. Tree limbs and debris – Trees can pose a threat to any roof. Branches that hang low and blow in the wind can scrape at your shingles and cause damage to the top layer. Falling branches can also crack your shingles, allowing leaks to make their way into the underside of roofing.

Winter can have a detrimental impact on your roof, especially if it’s not the newest. A roof installation prior to the winter months can ensure your home is not only protected by the weather for the winter, but protected for many years to come. For more information on roofing installation and Indianapolis roofing options, contact Richmond Exteriors for a consultation today.