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The 3 problems that cause the most roof damage

The 3 problems that cause the most roof damage

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As a homeowner, it’s imperative that you know how to keep your home’s structure safe and secure. Starting with your roof, you need to not only know what to do in the event of an emergency but also what to be aware of when it comes to roof damage. A good way to prevent severe damage is to work with professional roofing companies that can provide inspections and new roof installation, but you should still know what causes the most damage.

Here are the main residential roofing problems that can potentially lead to dangerous conditions and costly damage to your entire home:

  1. Overhanging trees — Tree limbs can lead to serious damage over time. In high winds, branches will scrape away shingles and damage the flashing that keeps your home insulated and dry. Additionally, branches can fall onto the roof and cause punctures and leaks. As if that wasn’t enough, any tree branches that touch your roof can clog your gutters and give pests easy access to your home. Be aware of your trees at all times and have them removed or trimmed if they are getting too close to your roof.
  2. Hail, rain, snow, and ice — All of these can lead to moisture getting underneath the roofing material and causing leaks, mold, and water damage. Also, the sheer impact of all this precipitation can cause damage to your roof over time, which is why a hail proof roof is so important. Snow and rain can cause damage, too, but hail can cause the most damage in short order because of its weight and impact.
  3. Severe wind — Windstorms can cause severe damage to certain types of roofing materials. Having a metal roof installed will protect your home from suffering severe wind damage because they have 140 MPH wind ratings.
  4. Critters — Birds, insects, and other small animals can actually lead to expensive roof damage. If these critters are nesting on your roof, feasting on wooden structures, running around your gutters, or jumping from trees for an extended period of time, your roof’s materials will erode quicker.

The easiest way to bring on more roofing problems is to neglect your annual roof inspections. Rather than waiting for damage to occur, simply contact your Indianapolis roofing contractors and have them take a look at your roof and see what your next steps should be. If you need a hail proof roof to protect your home from severe weather conditions, local roofing contractors should be happy to help.