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ColorPlus Technology by James Hardie Siding

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ColorPlus Technology by James Hardie Siding

A big quality fault is their compatibility with timber, aluminum, and vinyl siding. This siding styles come in cookie-cutter patterns, with a small range of colors and textures that contribute to chock communities full of homes that look alike. In a way that no other finish does, James Hardie ColorPlus Technology incorporates distinct elegance with high performance. It’s the best way for your house to pick a beautiful hue, and be secure in its staying power.

You get a longer-lasting color when you invest in ColorPlus technology. In a carefully managed factory setting, the Hardie ColorPlus method operates by adding consistent, numerous coats of baked-on paint with a paint produced particularly for fiber cement siding. This even means coverage and colour that can endure for years and years to come.

But you get an exceptional method, more than exceptional painting:

  1. Pre-heating: This procedure heats and pre-conditions the panels for a better coating bond.
  2. Finish Application: The finish is added to the siding and trim boards’ surface, corners, and characteristics.
  3. Baked-on Bond: For optimum efficiency, a final heating method bakes at the finish.
  4. Lasting Color: A result that resists fading and is longer looking stronger.

A stunning, reliable finish that lasts up to two times longer than most finishes is the end product. A baked-on coating provides our rugged Indianapolis environment with optimum longevity and resilience.

ColorPlus Technology’s other advantage? It helps to resist UV rays from fading, so the color can remain bright for longer than usual paint. With ColorPlus Technology, James Hardie Siding’s weather-ability contributes to 30 percent improved fade resistance. You will rest knowing that your home will look amazing and be safe for years to come, through years of violence by Mother Nature.

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