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James Hardie Features & Benefits

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James Hardie Features & Benefits

  • Character and feel of natural wood
  • More durable than other lap siding alternatives
  • Variety of architecturally designed styles and profiles
  • Resists moisture damage – will not rot, crack, warp, buckle, swell or de-laminate
  • Impact resistant – warranted against hail damage (ideal for houses near golf courses)
  • Wind resistant – withstands winds up to 130 MPH
  • Non-combustible, environmentally friendly
  • Termite and carpenter ant resistant
  • 30-year transferable product warranty for plank and panel (30-year for shingleside)
  • Low maintenance – holds paint up to three times longer than wood
  • Increases curb appeal, home value appreciation and possible homeowners insurance savings
  • Proven product: has been around since 1903, the current formulation has been put on over 5.5 million homes in U.S. today
  • Ranked #1 quality exterior lap siding product by Builder magazine for the past 5 years
  • Ranked #1 return on investment by Remodeling magazine for the past 7 years
  • Voted one of top 10 American building products by Home magazine

Why James Hardie?


At any moment, severe weather will hit. So, to best survive worst-case conditions, James Hardie checks their products: tornadoes, UV rays, snowstorms, hail, and more. Although it is not only extremes that wear down siding, but also fabrics such as vinyl (which may crumble in the cold) and wood goods that alter the seasons (which expand and contract with changes in moisture and humidity). Only goods from James Hardie are Designed for Climate®.

James Hardie siding, thanks to its special structure, will cover your home without a lot of upkeep for decades, all without sacrificing its luster. Portland cement, ground sand, cellulose fiber and water are primarily made of Hardie materials. This mix makes it possible for Hardie to fight the elements and give you happiness for years. The cement adds power to the goods and the cellulose fiber helps to tie the cement together. Imagine putting a nail into concrete-eight distinct forms will break it. Yet Hardie goods are affixed with nails with Hardie’s patented method and superior materials and can hang on the walls, no matter what.


Water, as nothing else will, can destroy your house. It can be slow, but it is persistent, and if not properly treated, it may cause siding to swell and crack, losing paint and contribute to mold. Wind-driven rain discovers an easier way to reach the building envelope as goods travel over time, which, in essence, can create moisture issues. Wood-based siding is especially prone to this, since when subjected to prolonged periods of moisture and drying, wood appears to swell, buckle, or crack.

It is here where James Hardie stands out among his rivals. Hardie has too little contraction and extension as compared to rubber, metal and wood-based siding. In terms of dimensional consistency, industry analysts rate James Hardie as the strongest in the market. Strong dimensional integrity of a siding product protects the home and, due to loosening of individual siding panels or planks, there is less risk of water infiltration.


The destruction to property from windstorms and tornadoes can be astounding. Fiber-cement siding has been specified by storm-zone development codes for constructing homes in hurricane, tornado and wildfire-prone areas due to its impact protection against hail and windblown debris. However, the secret to superior wind resistance does not just rest with the commodity. For long-term success, proper nailing is crucial. That is why hiring the right contractor is so critical.


Woodpeckers and termites are the enemy of a number of homeowners (to a smaller degree in the north). The creatures of Mother Nature will wreak havoc on certain types of siding, particularly wood and wood composites. With aplomb, Hardie resists all these wildlife infestations.


James Hardie’s other additional bonus is that it is non-combustible. A fireproof home may not be ensured by any construction material, but providing a non-combustible side gives far better protection than plastic, wood or metal. Fire feasts on logs, and almost immediately melts vinyl. But when subjected to a direct blaze, the James Hardie side will not burn, nor will it add fuel to a fire. Because it becomes poisonous as it melts, plastic siding is extremely troublesome.

Since James Hardie items are non-combustible, a discount is given by several insurance agencies. We advocate sharing with the insurance carrier the fire-resistance properties of fiber-cement siding.


Fiber cement siding is regularly named as a top value in home renovation by a nationwide survey published annually by Remodeling magazine. We are delighted to report that fiber cement siding is rated as the #1 return on investment of any big exterior remodeling project for the 11th year in a row, providing a ROI of 77.6 percent.

You can be advised by real estate experts that homes with the greatest curb appeal move the quickest, saving you time and money in the end. In addition, since fiber cement siding is non-combustible and immune to hail-damage, it may sometimes help lower rates for home insurance. Tell the leader.


James Hardie built the HardieZone® method after researching the long-term impact that various climates have on siding, to ensure that you get the best product for your area.

Our area has extreme natural fluctuations in temperature and year-round rainfall. James Hardie’s HZ5 goods are designed to minimize moisture penetration and withstand damp and freezing environments from the finest quality raw materials and patented additives. This helps avoid the development of mold, shrinkage, swelling and splitting of James Hardie siding.

The Designed for Climate® siding and trim items from James Hardie will make you feel secure that our area is having the best long-term results. Because goods from James Hardie are built to suit the demands of our particular environment, they will look fantastic for years, saving you time and money.


James Hardie has driven for years to bring its clients the finest siding items available on the market. Combined with their attention to quality and their emphasis on their environmental impact, their innovative formulation of the very latest products offers you the best new siding product for your house.

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