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HardieWrap Weather Barrier by James Hardie

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HardieWrap Weather Barrier by James Hardie

HardieWrap is an improved, higher-performing weather barrier especially built for our very fascinating and ever-changing environment in Indiana. The weather barrier of HardieWrap offers a balance of water resistance and breathability, allowing moisture (water vapor) to escape from inside your home so that the area within the wall remains dry. Whether you have built Hardie board siding or vinyl siding, aluminum siding, stucco siding or cedar siding, this is real. Eight distinct factors to think for the exterior of your house have been taken into account by Hardie scientists. (1) temperature range; (2) UV radiation; (3) moisture; (4) rainfall; (5) snow; (6) hail; and (7) topographical characteristics are the related variables. (The eighth element, (8)Hurricanes, is not important to us, thank goodness.)

Why does the weather barrier HARDIEWRAP® do so much better?

A luxury, non-woven, water resistive barrier is the HardieWrap Weather Barrier. It includes a unique coating from MicroTechTM that allows for higher performance. The Weather Obstacle of the HardieWrap:

  • Provides a water holdout and breath-ability combination
  • Maintains superior air resistance to decrease energy losses at home
  • For outstanding tear resistance, it utilizes a thicker 11 mil sheet

Many weather barriers allow the passage of too much moisture vapor. They then break down earlier because, over long stretches of time, bulk water is stuck against the surface. Excess siding expenses would be generated years down the line from this premature loss. Other hurdles do not have wind resistance, contributing to a lack of electricity. HardieWrap keeps the bulk of the wind from hitting your house, meaning your living room is more spacious and you save on electricity costs.

Finally, during installation, several weather obstacles shatter. Both their jobs will be sub-contracted by a regular siding firm. The installers are therefore inspired to work as efficiently as they can. They tug on the weather barrier excessively, which causes tears across the fasteners. The tears make it easier to infiltrate and reach the building envelope with bulk water. The texture and special coating of HardieWrap reduces the chances of forming tears.

HardieWrapTM Weather Barrier, HardieWrapTM Pro-Flashing, HardieWrapTM Flex Flashing and HardieWrapTM Seam Tape are used in the full HardieWrapTM weather barrier solution.

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