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Nothing Compares to James Hardie Siding

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Nothing Compares to James Hardie Siding

There are several forms and designs of siding to choose from, and when any contractor you speak to is pushing a new one, the choice will become more complicated. We mount siding from America’s #1 siding brand at Richmond Exteriors- James Hardie. No other siding can equal James Hardie fiber cement siding’s beauty, toughness, and value, and homeowners have found it a straight cut option for their homes. But we’ve put together this comparison of the numerous siding styles to James Hardie siding just in case you are thinking of adding a particular style of siding.

Engineered for Climate®, both our siding and trim, so no matter where you work, you can be assured that your investment would stand up to Mother Nature.


There are several arguments to prefer siding over vinyl with James Hardie fiber mortar, the first of which is beauty. The siding of James Hardie is over five times thicker than vinyl, making deeper grooves and a wood-grain look to feel more real. The effect, particularly in a historic home, is more elegant than vinyl (which is plastic).

And the role arrives. In a fire, from a barbecue, or even from the reflection of the sun off Low-E glass windows, vinyl melts easily; James Hardie items are non-combustible. And goods from James Hardie withstand damage from wind, storms, temperatures, and hail. Vinyl siding can be weakened by hail and may break with environmental stress and time, crumble or fall.

Vinyl siding is flooding landfills all over America, unwilling to hold up to severe conditions and strong winds. More than once in a 10-year period, multiple homeowners have to repair their vinyl siding, an unacceptable amount for Richmond Exteriors. Before it even leaves the plant, our James Hardie siding is checked for heavy winds, extreme conditions, and storm destruction, guaranteeing it can hold up strong to the tough Indianapolis environment.


Siding and trimming of James Hardie fiber cement was specially designed to help withstand harm from the same predators that pose threats to engineered wood products: moisture, freezing weather, humidity, rodents and burning.

Do not let you be fooled by engineered wood. Mother Nature will not be fooled. Long-term moisture exposure may induce the expansion of engineered wood siding, requiring unsightly gaps. Engineered siding with wood will soak up trouble. In addition to weather adjustments, certain manufactured wood siding warranties do not cover swelling and/or edge testing, issues they understand may occur over time with wood goods.


The impact of moisture and degradation from mold are resisted by James Hardie fiber cement siding and trim goods. They provide greater protection from rainy and freezing climates, as well as hot, humid weather, than wood. James Hardie siding is even stronger at resisting destruction when there’s a burn, while wood goes up in flames.
Over time, wood will break, crack and deteriorate, while James Hardie siding prevents weather harm and retains its form for a much longer period of time, allowing fewer upkeep to think about year after year.

Wood and Wood Composite Products Have Many Natural Enemies

They are devastated by the weather. Water lets them warp. They may be affected by insects and rodents. Simple goals are wood-based siding and trim.

LP Smartside The Smartside

A common alternative is this siding, but it does not hold up as well as fiber cement. It needs regular cleaning, including mold and mildew painting, scraping, and elimination. Although the warranty is 50 years, it has clauses in the fine print that insulate it from all liabilities related to exposure to moisture. Unlike fiber cement, which is both fire and insect tolerant, it is often combustible and vulnerable to insects.


Siding Cedar

Comparing cedar siding to fiber cement, while a stunning and historically a decent option for homeowners, is like comparing the Model T to a Tesla. Cedar siding needs regular upkeep and is less rigid, reliable, and customizable than fiber cement, particularly under peak conditions. Plus, with HardiePlank on the market, less trees are required to build siding alternatives such as cedar, reducing the environmental effects of our industry.


Siding Steel or Aluminium

Metal siding, something Minnesota is no stranger to, does not stand up to hail storms. Furthermore, metal siding affects colors over time and lacks the original appealing finish. James Hardie siding provides outstanding strength and toughness, with minimal or no upkeep from you, having it baked on finish over the entire lifetime.


Other Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is manufactured by other firms, but none rivals the consistency of James Hardie fiber cement. They use cheap production methods and products that contribute to siding that can not come near to James Hardie fiber cement’s superior results. Products from James Hardie retain less water and stretch and contract less than most cement fibers. Higher dimensional stability ensures less holes between boards that are unsightly. We have seen so many homes from Hardie’s bargain rivals with collapsed fiber cement.

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